Wednesday, August 29, 2007

26 vs 29

Here's my problem. I have started racing and will probably be needing to get a new bike next year or the year after. Marin( I love their bikes) is putting out a fully geared 29er and I don't know if I should look at 29ers or a standard 26" tired bike. I have heard that 29ers are faster but don't turn as well. I have had problems in races with beating everbody on the climbs just to have them pass me on the winding downhills so not turning as well is a big concern. If anyone that reads this(if anybody does) has opinions or advice on the subject let me know.


JB said...

I ride both a 26 (FS) and a 29er (HT, SS and geared). I think that they all have their place. People that say 29ers don't turn as well just haven't ridden them enough. I find they actually turn better, especially on fast downhill turns. Bigger contact patch gives more grip. On VERY tight twisties (ie - slow) the 29er is at a disadvantage.

Best thing I can tell ya' is to test ride 'em. Find someone who has one you can take out on a real trail and see what you think. Most 29er fans (me included) knew right away after riding one for the first time whether or not they liked it.

best of luck.

PS - Don't ride the C'Dale Caffiene as your first 29er ...... at least with the stock tires on it. (They SUCK)lol

Jason said...

JB is right. Take a test ride and see.

I find for my height and size the 29er is the shit. BUT many folks might not think so. Lighter wheels are a sweet indeed. Think about the course you will be on, the terrain, If it came down to a 25 lb. FS 26er and a 28 lb. HT 29er. I'd go with the 26er, But as it is I have get the best of both worlds with my Salsa Dos Niner. Good luck.

I also like that I get similar performance with less maintenance issues, another point to consider.

Have fun looking!

VeloCC said...

I am riding a 26 FS and I am not going to change that, BUT I know that most people around here (NE/IA/KS/MO) L O V E the 29er and once they converted that are not going back. They say, it rolls better over pretty much everything and love the handling of the bike.
But jb and jason are right. Test ride one and get a feel for it.

Brandon said...

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it. I hope to get out on a couple 29ers pretty soon so I can start dreaming about a new bike. Also thanks for checking out my blog. I have been reading jason's and christines for a while and was suprised to see you guys post on mine. Also thanks jb for being the first ever to post on my new site.