Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Large Meat Consumption+Burning Ride = BAD Stomach

My wife made a strong suggestion that for the most part I keep my weekday rides to around an hour. With all of my responsibilties that I have of being a father, husband, Culinary School Instructor, and having several clients for my consulting business that I am trying to really get rolling. I decided to take this 1 hour weekday bike ride as a challenge. I mapped out a course that for me at this point is very challenging to do in an hour. Today I made it for the first time but am paying for it now.

Here's the story:

My wife said that she wants to learn how to cook more since I do almost all of the cooking for the family on the nights I'm home( I am a chef after all). Well she wants to start simple. So "we" (she ended up leaving and I did it all myself) were going to make a pot roast. I bought some killer beef from an organic farm outside of Lincoln so I new this would be good. So I braised the beef yesterday and finished it today with some carrots and potatoes. I have a soft spot for braised meats and this turned out awesome (even though I'm known as a seafood specialist; Yes that right a seafood specialist in landlocked Nebraska). And I chowed and then decided that half an hour after I finished I better get going on my ride before it got dark because I don't have a light yet.

I pushed it hard tonight and the legs felt great. Wilderness park is in great shape and I ripped through the park tonight and went a little farther then I mapped out and made it home in an hour. About a mile from home I slowed down to cool off a little bit and just spin the rest of the way. Then all of the sudden I felt all of the meat that I had eaten and the stomach pain started. All of that food felt like a brick in my stomach and when I got home I just layed down and let all that beef settle down a bit. It is amazing that when I am having an amazing ride I don't feel anything but once it's over everything hurts including my stomach when I stuff myself.

Gotta go I need to go over my sons spelling words with him.



VeloCC said...

Where do you teach? I could use some cooking instructions:)
What kind of consulting do you do?
Let me know, If you come up to Omaha to ride. We could ride together...

Brandon said...

I teach at Southeast Community College I mostly stick to restaurant or culinary consulting. I going to try to find some time to make it to omaha to ride I'll let you know.