Sunday, October 7, 2007


I didn't make it to the race today. My wife was sick last night and had to call off the race. I wasn't sure if she would be better by this morning and I was planning on leaving at 6:30 am. I am disappointed that I didn't get to have one more race for this season. I have been kind of bummed all day and keep thinking about how the season is over and I have to get ready to head into bike hibernation. It's kind of crazy when I think about last year at this time I didn't even have this new passion for cycling that I have now. My next plan is to work on figuring out my off season training schedule. For now it is ride as often as I can but I plan on starting a weight training plan and try to trim up a little for the 08 season that I can't wait to start.

Well I gotta go clean my bike from this mornings very wet ride into wilderness park.


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