Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bike Ordered

It's always fun to think about new bikes and even more fun to order one. I stopped by the shop and put my order in for the 07 Marin Portofino Road Bike. Nothing to high end but it will be a good bike for me to use for training purposes. The only upgrade to it is crank brothers quattro pedals(for now, I have a problem with constantly wanting to uprgrade my bikes). It should be about 1-2 weeks for the bike to come in and get built up and ready to go. I have never really spent much time on a road bike and when I was test riding some today to see exactly what size I wanted I realized how different it feels on a road bike vs a mountain bike. It did hit me today that tomorrow is exactly 2 months before my first race. It's kind of scares me but it is getting me more motivated to really push the training harded and be ready for that first race.

Gotta go make my lunch for my return to the school tomorrow. Later



Cycling Phun said...

What exactly does a Poissonier bring for lunch? Man I'm jonesing for some really good sushi.

Harp said...

Not as much fish as he'd like.