Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's a sickness

I think that I have this sickness when it comes to my bikes. When I sit and start to think about the bikes I have(not the ones I want) I start to think about all of the upgrades that I want to add to them. I'm not doing much to the Mountain Bike this season other than new tires cause I'm hoping to be getting this next season but now its the road bike. After riding it this weekend I decided their is a couple things I would like to upgrade and I have spent the last hour looking at reviews and trying to get some ideas on what to get. I want to upgrade the seatpost, stem and crank. It is a starter road bike and it has a triple crank that needs to be replaced. This weekend while I was out on the road with my visor on my helmet and my triple crank I could feel bluenoser behind me calling me fred. Anyways I feel sorry sometimes for the guys at the shop when I roll in and start asking 50 questions about the different things I want to change on my bike. Lucky for me they are super cool and hook me up with everything I need even if I'm a pain in the ass. Other than that I'm just waiting for the snow to melt and again so I can get outdoors for some saddle time but I hope to pick up my trainer on Thursday or Friday so I can start to get some real training in before my first race on March 2nd (typing that scares me). Later


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