Saturday, January 26, 2008

Road Bike: Broken In

I got out for my first ride on the road bike today. What a ride. I think I'm going to give up all this mountain bike stuff and just start riding roads. Just kidin. It was a good ride but doesn't compare to being out in the woods on a singletrack. Just typing that makes me wish for the wonderful summer mornings and my early rides through wilderness. Anyways back on to todays ride. It was very different being out on a road bike instead of my MTB. It took me a while to get used to the gearing and the shifting. Lots of wrong gear moves but that got better by the end of the ride. I ended up riding out to Branched Oak Lake from my house. Man I wish I could have gotten onto the singletrack there. It's my favorite trail. I was out on the ride for about 2:39 and ended up putting in about 45.5 miles round trip. I figured that would be a good way to get the bike broken in properly.

After reading a post of Jason's talking about electrolyte drinks I decided to kinda test out a few new beverages to see how I liked the combination for some of the endurance events I'm going to do this season. I've been reading about nuun(pronounced "noon") for a while and I like the idea of zero calories so I picked some up and tried it out today and I love the stuff very tasty it should fill the roll well. I also took a bottle of the powerbar endurance drink. I think the combo of the 2 should work pretty well. The endurance drink also has a few calories and I can get the rest from the gels.

All in all a good day of riding especially in Jan. I hope to get out again tomorrow. I don't know for how long or where I will go I'll just have to see how I feel. Here's a few pics from todays ride:

Finishing a small climb up a hill and about to look over pawnee lake where I used to turn around when I rode my mountain bike on the road.

A much different look down than what I'm used to.

Looking out over a frozen Branched Oak Lake

The bike back home after its 45 mile maiden voyage.



Bluenoser said...

Sounds like things went well. January is a tough time to sell someone on road riding. What was the temp like? I was out for about four hours yesterday and had to put my waterbottles in my jersey pockets because they were turning to slush.

No ride for me today. Had a birthday party last night and i've got dishes to do today. Lots and lots of dishes...


Harp said...

Have fun with the dishes. it was about 45degrees F.

Ron said...

wow, beautiful roads.