Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trainer in the House

On the way home form work today I stopped by the shop and picked up the trainer. I'm glad to finally have this. It should help step up the trainer before the season starts. Lucky for me it's easy to set up and started in with some intervals for about an hour tonight. I think I'm going to stiick with the hour sessions for the rest of the week and then maybe up the time a little for next week. I'm still mostly just working on my base and trying to get the oxygen levels up.

I've got it set up in my basement living room. We never really use the second living room to often so it should be able to stay there for now until I can figure out another place to put it. My son isn't to happy about it. He uses the room all the time since his bedrooms down there. I don't think he likes having me and my bike in his "bachelor pad". I like it there though we got a 36" tv down there and I can catch up on some movies I've been wanting to see. Any suggestions?




justin said...

Don't get too fast on us now. You're making me feel like I should ride more so I can keep up during the races.

Bluenoser said...

Man four weeks Harp. It takes me that long just to figure out what cadence I like best.


Harp said...

Yeah tell me about it. Know I wish I had put getting the trainer higher on the priority list.