Monday, March 31, 2008

Pioneer Trail Ridin'

When I woke up this morning I was reminded that it was supposed to rain with rain. I'm not sure how much but a decent amount so it looks like any time on some singletrack is out for a while. I wanted to get the mountain bike out to make sure the rear der problem is definitely gone. I was supposed to meet Ryan but he had some stuff come up so I rode the paved trails in pioneers park solo. Know the paved trails in pioneers park are not in the best of shape. Lots of bumps, cracks, potholes and many other obstacles to deal with. Not bad for training purposes on the mountain bike though. This is the same park I always ride in with my road bike but on the roads. The trails do have a couple of good climbs/downhills. The climbing is good but the rough riding trails had me thinking again about the full suspension rift zone. I'm not sure how many miles I rode but I tried not to over do it today. All middle ring with a good solid pace and not really any all out speed. I think that this is going to become a little more common on my training schedule. I want more time on my mountain bike instead of the road bike and this will work when it's wet every where else.

Oh ya almost forgot the rear der is working like a charm I did push it some to see if it was working right and ran through all the gears several times. It's amazing how I can sit and screw with it forever and when I take it into the shop and let the mechanics look at it they fix it in two minutes and it done. I still have a lot to learn about the mystery of the rear derailleur.

Tomorrow if time allows I'd like to get out on the road bike for a nice and easy 20 mile loop. I can tell my legs need a bit of a break but I have to work all day on Wednesday and am going to use that as my rest day but tomorrows ride should be pretty smooth and not wreck me to much. Later.



Redbone said...

Sorry I didn't make it out there yesturday. I had the bike loaded and ready but we ended going to the YMCA with the kids. Kids had fun and thats all that matters. I'm hoping to get off early and try Pioneers today.

crewcabrob said...

The trail out there is crazy rough. Really, it is a great training ride: lots of bumps, curves and hills. Yeah, I hate it for the hills, but the rest of it is very fun.

Not sure if I will make it to Pioneers today, but for sure want to get a ride in. Today and tomorrow for me and then I am done riding until Saturday morning. I plan on tearing the bike down and getting it ready to ride.

Harp said...

I'm not sure what I'm doing after work tonight. Probably a easy road ride.