Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The New Sponsor

I was talking to one of the owners of Bike Pedalers and he suggested to give Marin Bikes a call and see if they had or did any kind of grassroots sponsorship and if they could help me out at all. So after thinking about it for a while (couple weeks) I finally decided to give them a call and tell them about me, how I love their bikes and about my racing. I must of said the right things or something but by the end of the conversation they were going to help me out with a small sponsorship for now and possibly more in the future seasons after seeing more race schedules and results. I made this call while I was at work and after I was so pumped I could hardly sit at my desk and do any work. This isn't to big of a sponsorship but I'm happy with it and it's a great start with the bike company I want to ride for. It helps that I work at a shop that sells their bikes. They are setting me up with a sweet bike at a good deal and clothing for this season.

So last night I spent some time at the shop figuring some stuff out for the new bike. It's the bike I've been wanting for a while. I will be riding a Marin Indian Fire Trail. It is their bike designed for racing. The only hard tail better is the team ti bike but even with a deal I can't afford that one. Maybe someday. The Indian Fire Trail is going to be sweet and will run a lot better for me in races. It probably won't be in until Monday and then it has to be built so I hope to be getting out on it sometime mid next week.

oh yes it will be mine

The biggest challenge of the new bike was picking a size. This is a much different bike from the 19 inch 07 Bolinas Ridge I have now. So after spending some time riding a 17 and 19 inch bike that is a little similar with the one I'm getting I decided to go with a 17 inch bike. The guys at the shop along with myself all agree that I would probably fit a 18 inch frame perfectly. Of course one isn't made in that size but the 17 should work fine with a few adjustments.

Today I finally had some time to ride again and I did an hour at full speed in the dirt. I felt great tonight. Legs were good. Felt smooth and flowed on the bike great around the turns and was really moving. My stomach was bothering me some. I got out late so I had already eaten dinner and the giant salad I had just was not sitting well but other than that it was a great ride. Tomorrow morning will be my last ride before the race Saturday. I will be up early to do my usual core workout and then I'll probably take a ride through the park at moderate speed so that I don't blow out my legs or screw up anything on my bike right before the race. Later.



Highwaymunky said...

Well done with the sponsorship, Good luck for the race Saturday!

crewcabrob said...

Wow... That is the coolest thing ever. Way to go harp.

Judi said...

Good job on the sponsorship - that is awesome. Fuji may be helping Dominic out too, he just has to race some first.

Travis said...

Congrat's on the new sponsor...nice ride, very nice ride.

Cycling Phun said...

Congrats on the new sponsor!