Saturday, May 3, 2008


Race was postponed due to weather so it's another day of trying to prepare myself. Got up this morning and road the trainer for about 45 minutes at an easy pace. I didn't do any riding yesterday and I didn't want to go 2 days with no riding before a race. It's probably a good thing I didn't have to race today cause for some reason that I can't figure out starting last night I've been having some cramping in my left hamstring. Hopefully it works itself out before tomorrow.

Worked at the shop in this morning. It's a little strange being there and trying to work and act like nothing happened when dealing with customers when everyone is pretty down with a lot on their mind. Now I'm waiting at the links for the guests to arrive. I hope they get in at a decent time so I can get home and prep for the race and get to bed early. I have to wash my bike in the morning before I go(a clean bike is a fast bike) and I want to try to be gone by around 11:00 so I can catch most of the beginner race that starts at noon and get some time on the course before we start. Later.



Le Blaireau said...

Then lets hope for many birdies and eagles so you can get off the course early.

Redbone said...

How did you do today?