Thursday, August 14, 2008

A bad ride and XTR

I went out today for my first ride since Sunday and it has me a bit scared for the race this weekend. I felt like shit and had a horrible ride. I just didn't have any power when I tried to up the pace and could not keep it up for very long. I kept telling myself since it's 2 days out from a race I don't need to do any heavy riding but I hoped it would be better after having 3 days off the bike. Of course I have had a couple real late nights working and am a bit tired.

On another note I picked up my race bike from the shop and there was no big problems and it is tuned and ready to race. Next week it gets a couple of upgrades put on it in the form of new Shimano XTR Shifters and Front Derailleur. It was tempting to get them on today since they came in yesterday but Paul the mechanic and I both thought that it wouldn't be best to run new components for the first time during a race. I've almost got the bike upgraded with all the parts I wanted. The next is a new crankset which I'm eyeing a couple of different options but they are going to be pricey and I have to work off what I've already bought before I get more.

Now I need to go start getting some of my stuff together and organized for Saturday since I've got another day of double duty tomorrow and am not going to have time to get it ready after work and then get to bed and try to get my body in shape to race in 2 days.


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Judi said...

Harp, they say it's best if you get GOOD sleep 2 days before a race. The night before doesn't matter as much as 2 nights before.

Good luck this weekend!

And my FSA cranks are smooth as butter.