Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Early Morning Rides, Work and Rankings

Finally a bit of time for a quick post. Only had to work at the college today. 2 days in a row of leaving the house for work at 8 and getting home after 11:30 gets old fast. Those hours actually aren't to uncommon for a lot of the machocistic chefs like I used to be but it's hard for a guy trying to train to be a mediocre bike racer. Anyways I have still been have been able to get a little bit of time on the bike. Yesterday and today I got out around six am for some fast paced trips through wilderness park. I actually do like to ride at this time. I love being up and being out at dawn and dusk. I like the twilight feel of it as it's still dark but the light is creeping up or out. It's also nice cause I got the park all to myself.

I've really been digging riding my mountain bike lately too for some reason. Not that I don't always but with the new shifters and front der plus cutting an inch off each end of the handle bars the bike is running smooth. What I have also been thinking a lot about lately is how much I enjoy riding this particular mountain bike. The bike just seems to fit me and my riding style perfectly.

And for some reason in the last few days I have been really focused on training and what I need to do to get ready for the few races that I have left. I've been watching what I eat and have been getting my plan ready for what I need to accomplish in my upcoming holiday weekend of extended training time. I really wished I would have gotten my shit together and made arrangments so I could have gone to the Dakota 5-0 race this weekend. I think it is definetly going to be on the schedule next year.

I did see today on Nebraska Cycling news that they have the series rankings up for the psycowpath series. I'm sitting at 7th in my category. Not exactly where I want to be. I think that's another reason I've been so focused lately is I've only got two more chances to meet my main goal of the season.

A big congrats to my man Ryan though. He's sitting at number one in his category. Rob is also doing well sitting in second in his.

Other than that I need to go catch up on some reading.



crewcabrob said...

Thanks for the call out Harp! I'm only doing that well because I have made it to more races than anyone else witht he exception of Derek. If Robb races again in the series, he will be in second place. If he races both the last races, the best I could finish is 3rd. Truth be told, I will race the next two races but really expect to finish the season in 4th or 5th place. There are enough people that can easily push me out of the top three,

Ryan has been doing awesome this year and after we started looking at the points, he thinks he might be able to stay on top, but Dan might be 2 points ahead of him.

Throwing two races out seems like a bit much for a 6 race series. I know one was canceled unexpectidly, but it really makes things messy at the end of the season for points.

7th place is pretty darn good in that field Harp. Look at how fast and competative your group has been all year. I have already told Ryan if I finish in the top 3 for the season, I will move up to sport for next year. Looking at you guys riding past me, I am more than a little intimidated. No way I can hang with you, Justin or Ryan at this point.

Judi said...

Congrats on 7! 7 is a GREAT number!

P.S. On the fish - these things are totally awesome to have. You should go get your tanks set up again. Johnny, the Convict, has taken over the entire tank, and Rocco and Jackson stay in the corner. Johnny keeps giving them jabs. We're about to put Johnny in his own 20 gallon tank since he can't play nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Harp:
Nice work on jumped right into the deep end going sport. That's my plan next year (or single-speed). I've also been pestering the Psycowpath folks about providing the 3-hour option for all races next year.

Wonder if we might get a group out at Branched Oak next Tuesday night. It'll be my only chance to hit up those trails before the next race.