Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Only Me

Heading out on the bike path
After work tonight it was out south of town for the pcl tuesday night crit. I was running a bit behind but still made it out there only a couple of minutes late but the problem was I was the only one there. I did a couple of warm up laps hoping someone would show up but no one did so I ended up just doing some intervals alone. My legs felt ok but were a little lacking. The intervals were good but I only did them for about 20 minutes and then I decided to head back towards home. I think I would have felt a bit better if I was pushing to keep up with someone. I swung through pioneers park for a quick lap to get a few short climbs in and then headed home. I need to try and taper it down a little this week and get my legs back. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks of racing.

A little bummed on the way back towards home
Rollin home
Not sure what was up with the crit tonight. Maybe everyone was tapering it down a bit for the race this weekend or maybe the rain all day got everyone out of the mood to ride. Hopefully it continues to go on. I get some real good training out of it.

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Cornbread said...

Sorry about the no show at the crit. I've had a bum knee and hadn't been on the bike much. The PCL crit may be done for the year with cross starting up. We're hoping to get something going for cross practice on Wednesday nights.