Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leg Recovery

As I've been working through my training last week and through the race this weekend my legs have felt really tight especially my hamstrings. Yesterday when I got home I went out for a light 45 minute spin to try to loosen them up but couldn't really work out the kinks. When I got out of bed this morning my hams felt really tight again and know I feel tight right above the back of my knees. So tonight instead of training I decided to work in a lot of stretching and just try to stay off my feet and let the legs recover a bit before this weekends cross races. I'm thinking I need to suffer so I might possibly race 4 times. Since I have a cat 4 cross license I can race in both the category 3-4 race which is 45 minutes and then also the just category 4 race which is only 30 minutes. The big problem is that the cat 3-4 race is at 2 pm and the cat 4 race is at 3 pm giving me only 15 minutes in between races. I'm not sure if I can or should try to swing both races but at the same time I'm looking at these races as a way to force me to train at my top end. So I'm not sure. Let me know what you think.

Other than that tonight has been spent hanging with the kids and trying to put together a training plan for after this weekend and the rest of this very long winter to try to get ready for next season. I've done a decent amount of research tonight and am starting to get some ideas together. I'm also still thinking about going this route also.

One problem though is as I'm sitting here working on training research and drinking my nice glass of pinot ( I've got to indulge myself once in a while anyways isn't red wine good for the heart) I keep thinking about the "need" for a cross bike of my own. I really appreciate Greg at the shop loaning me his Surly but I need to get one of my own now that I'm kinda hooked on this cross thing after only one race. The thing I keep thinking about is how much to spend on a cross bike that is going to get limited use and only gets raced about 4-6 times a year. I don't know for sure but I think when the time comes the decision is going to be pretty easy on what to get. It will probably end up being this. Big Surprise. Of course I say that I need this bike today and that could change to any one of the other bikes I need. I keep telling myself that the next new bike needs to be a new road frame which is a whole other story to come at a later date.

Well that's enough of my ramblings for the night. I need to rest up as much as possible tonight since I've got a long day at the college and club tomorrow and then just a real long day at the college on Thursday. Later.



Cycling Phun said...

mmmmm, wine...
what kind?

Bluenoser said...

Yes harp the cross bike doubles as lots of other types: cross, commuter, foul-weather road bike, tourer.

It's a good all-rounder. The cross bike seems to be the best bang for the buck because it can do all these different things for you and be good at them all.


Judi said...

you can get a cx bike for a lot less than that harp.

pinot, yum. i miss my red glasses of wine before bed. i quit 7 years ago. and yes it is good for you.

you should do some yoga for the tight leg issue. it helps.