Friday, January 23, 2009

Need Shoes? Tires?

I usually don't use my blog to try to sell my stuff but hey I got a couple of bikes to pay for which I'm going to be talking about soon. Anyways I have a pair of shiny new road shoes coming to me. I've got to match wether I'm on the road or mountain so I have a pair of flatwater team shoe the Mavic Zxellium on the way soon so I need to do something with my current road shoes I have that were used for about 1/2 a season. They are a pair of Black Adidas Girano Road shoes size 11. Good shoes, comfy, breathe well and have a fiberglass reinforced sole making them stiff and efficient. If anyone is interested let me know. 45 bucks plus shipping. They are in almost perfect condition except for some scratches on the bottom from rubbing against my pedals when I'm not cliped in. If no one wants them here they will end up on ebay where the rest of my extra stuff has and is going just thought I would see if anyone I know needs them first. Here's a couple pics of the shoes:
The other bottom is a bit more scrached up

I also have a set of WTB Prowler MX Mountain Bike Tires. 26x 2.1. Good tires I just know I'm not going to change from the ones I normally run often enough for me to keep them. Real good for messy trails. I used them for one race. They probably got a total of maybe 45 miles on them. They are a bit dusty but in perfect shape. 20 bucks a piece. No pictures of them.

Other than trying to hock my gear I'm taking it pretty chill tonight. Snowed again today and there's supposed to be more coming this weekend so I'm trying to get myself mentally prepared to get on the trainer. I decided to take it easy tonight. After I ate dinner my stomach felt off and I decided to take it easy. I probably haven't slept as much this week as I should be. Feeling a little drained. Went out for a frigid team ride last night. We were all in good shape until one guy had a flat and having to stop and wait while he changed it was bad. When we started going again we all just froze. One of my teammates who was underdressed was damn near hypothermic and we dropped him off at a gas station and I went back and picked him up later. It was rough. Glad to be inside and warm tonight. Later.


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