Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kind of a Ride

Yesterday my wife was doing better than expected and I was able to get out and do my normal loop through Wilderness park. It has been nice to be able to get some singletrack in. The first couple of times this year when I was able to ride on the track I wasn't feeling very good and was worried about my form. Now I am feeling much more comfortable and normal on the track and yesterdays ride I really felt like I had my flow back. I moved through the park and weaved in and out of the trails and just felt more like myself and I the best time on that loop that I've had so far this year.

Today's ride I was hoping for more of the same but as I got into the park and was riding I noticed my front brake rotor was really rubbing and my bike wasn't shifting very smoothly. So I opted to take a detour off the trail and swing by the new shop. It's nice that it's not to far from wilderness. The only problem was that after I got my bike taking care of I started bsing with the guys about what's been going on and then I needed to get back home. I only have limited time. So I went back to the park and took it backwards along the route and went back home. Not the best ride but I again felt good when out on the course.

When I was at the shop though I checked out a couple of the new rides. One being one of the new Time Trial Felt bikes. It was one of the entry level ones but I figured I needed to test ride it. That was a bad idea. Now I need one of these. I really liked the positioning and the areo feel of it. Someday maybe someday. I can't believe I'm talking about another kind of bike when I have a road frame I'm not even close to finishing and I need a Cross bike before the season starts. I've got issues.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Branched Oak to get some real singletrack in. Can't wait. It has been to long since I've done any offroad climbing. Later.



Bluenoser said...

Stay away from the dark side Harp. C comes before T in the alphabet.


Harp said...

That is definetly not going to happen. A TT bike will be bike #4. After a Cross and new MTB