Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wifes Good

I am very happy to say that my wife's surgery today went well and that everything is good. It has been a long day for both of us but we are glad that were able to get home early. It still amazes me that after having a hysterctomy she is able to come home that 4 1/2 hours later. Now we are just spending a few days in recovery mode. The only thing I have to really worry about is taking care of her. The kids are gone until Sunday having a good time with their Grandparents and Aunt.

Today when my wife was sleeping I was able to get down and do a little bit of work to my mtb. I've been thinking about switching to flat bars instead of the riser bars that I have been running. I was looking at a set of Carbon Bars but decided to try out a set of aluminum ones first before dropping the coin for carbon. These bars were inexpensive but nice. A little more narrow than what I've had before and it will put me in little bit better and slightly more aggressive condition. Here's my new set-up.

Now I need to go sleep. It was a early morning at the hospital.


Bluenoser said...

Glad things went well. I like the flat bars better also.


Bruce Brown said...

Good to hear the surgery went well. And yes, it is amazing how they do procedures that used to involve hospital stays, but result in everyone going home a few hours later in today's time.

All the best nursing her back to health and taking over the chores.

Judi said...

hope your wife feels better soon.

p.s. she might want to look into some vitamin therapy like chaste berry.

Biking Badger said...

Good stuff that it all went according to plan. Hope she gets back on her feet quick.