Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nothing but new Rubber

Not much happening lately. I've been playing the recovery game a bit this week while mixing in some short and heavy rides. Lately though it's been just trying to get some time in while taking care of all of the other things I need to get done.

Yesterday I was able to get out to the shop to pick up my new MTB tires. When I was cleaning my bike after "Mud Bender" I noticed my tube sticking out the sidewall of my rear tire. I knew I was going to be needing new tire and I had been putting it off. I was surprised it was still fully inflated. I decided to change things up a bit tire wise and I'm going to be running Continental Race Kings this season. I've read a lot of good reviews and have been happy with the Conti road tires I've been using.

I mounted them up at the shop and didn't have time to ride yesterday when I got home. I went out for a early morning training spin through wilderness before the rain and before I had to be to work at the shop to get a feel for the new Rubber. These things are going to rock. They roll just as fast as the Pythons I had been using but these are a lot grippier(is that a word?) in the corners. I felt like I had way more traction when I leaned the bike way over. I can't wait to really see how they perform in next weeks race.

Speaking of next weeks race I was looking at my updated calender (not posted yet) and since I had a rescheduled race it looks like I could possibly be racing the next 8 weeks in a row. They could be good or bad. I might have to second think a race or 2 that's a lot of racing and not a lot of recovery time.

Know I need to go get some sleep. I was hoping for an early morning training in the trails at Branched Oak but it looks like it might get rained out and I'll have to settle for some time on Gravel or on my Road Bike. Later.


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Biking Badger said...

Yeah, 8 weeks solid racing is not recommended. You'll burn yourself out and there's no such thing as an easy race so your best bet would be to take two or three of those and leave them out. Three to one ratio is how my training is setup and works like a charm. You need that recovery week, just take a look at Joe Friels latest blog.