Monday, May 11, 2009


While I was out on my recovery ride yesterday I noticed a bit of damage to my bike from the crash during the race. It's nothing to major just one of the carbon spacers on the steering tube. Luckily it's nothing to major or expensive to replace. As for me I'm not feeling the best today. My hip and knee are sore and as the day has gone on I'm having some pain in the upper right side of my back.

No riding tonight as today was a planned rest day anyways. Just spent the night hanging with my wife celebrating our 10th anniversary. We didn't really do to much. For us it's not something that we feel the need to go all out on. A quiet night at home works.

Not sure what the rest of the week has in store for training. I have a lot going on. It seems like I got something to do almost every night plus one big bike related thing that I really want to get done. More on that later.


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