Friday, July 10, 2009


Nothing really exciting happening this week which is probably the reason that I haven't posted much. As far as riding goes it's been a bit hit and miss this week. Monday was a bad ride on my mountain bike through wilderness which is really overgrown and was super damp in the early morning hours when I was out there. Tuesday I did hill climb intervals in pioneers park. I kept thing pretty casual on Wed. since my legs were feeling really sluggish. Thursday was a day off the bike but we took the kids to worlds of fun in KC and had a great time. My son tackled his fear of heights and roller coasters and we rode them all. Tonight was just a quick one hour spin with Rick and Sean from the team to talk a bit of stragety for this weekends races.

This weekend is the Omaha Cycling Weekend. It contain three different races. A time trial tomorrow AM. A criterium race tomorrow night and then a road race on Sunday. I'm not doing the TT but I am racing in both the crit and road race. This is a bit different than I'm used to cause I'm going into this race with some expectations from people. I need to have a good race especially in the crit to prove to everyone that the state champ result in wasn't just a fluke due to the rain, hail and shortened race. I'm lucky to have the support of one of my teammates in both races. I'm going to have my canadian teammate Rick there to keep things chill and in line during the crit. The road race is going to be his if he feels up to it and I'll be filling the worker roll in that race. Right now I'm just feeling a bit nervous but the body and the legs feel good and I'm working on getting my head straightened out.

Now I need to get to bed and get some sleep. I'm opening up at the shop tomorrow before heading to the race. Here's a pick of the new decals for the bikes that all of us at the shop and the team are using out of respect for Greg Dunbar our shop owner who passed away earlier this week.

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