Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scopin out the trail

the nice clear trail at Branched Oak Lake Area 1

Tonight the whole family went out to Branched Oak after I got home from work. We all had different reason for going. The kids to swim, my wife to read and watch the kids and I hit up the trails that I'll be racing this weekend. The plan for me tonight was again to keep things pretty chill and work on maintaining my form which I feel is pretty good right now.

I was pleased to see as I was getting started into the trail that it had been mowed and cleared of all of the overgrown weeds. As I continued to ride I came across several other riders and a crew of guys with weed eaters working on the trails. On my first lap through I made sure to thank all the guys working on the trail. It's so nice to have it clear.

I still wasn't sure which way the course was going to run for the race on Sunday so I did a lap going each way. With my slower pace it took me about 32 minutes. On Sunday I expect to be putting in lap time around 25 minutes at my race pace. Towards the end of my second lap I came across one of the guys working on the trail and I asked him if he knew which way the course was going to run and he said it's going to be the same way as it was last year. I'm not sure if he was a 100% but it sounds good. I hope it is run in the same direction cause it has a bit more climbing which suits me better.

After we got home I finished off the night with a nice ride with my wife and I'm off know to play some games with the kids. Not a bad way to spend the evening.

when i was putting my stuff away after we got home my son threw on my jersey. he looks good in it. maybe i'll have to start getting him into some races so he can get his own.

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