Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I can't figure out why I do this to myself. On Thursday night I got home from work a little late plus it was running so the desicion was made not to ride. Since I wasn't riding I thought it would be a good idea to get a core workout in. In my last couple of races I've had some pain in my back and sides later in the race from my lack of core strength since I've blown off those workouts for a few months. Anyways as I was getting ready to get started I thought it would be good to do my squats and lunges like I do in the winter.

And that is where the "what the hell was I thinking" comes in. I barely made it through the squats and lunges. On the last few of my lunges I almost fell over. I thought that I might be sore from doing them but it has been way worse than I thought it would be.

On thursday night I had a hard time getting up and down the steps cause my legs were so weak. When I woke up on Friday morning I could really feel it and walking around at work on Friday was pretty rough. So in my infinite wisdom when I got home from work I went out for a ride. The plan originally was to get out and try to loosen up the legs and take it easy. Well after about a half hour I felt pretty good and just started in on some intervals. I ended up riding for an hours and a half and when I looked at my average and high heart rate I went way harder than I usually do.

When I woke up today I was really sore but I couldn't help but go out and meet up with my usual early Saturday morning group ride. It was super foggy out and the air was thick. So when we met up we decided it wasn't safe at all to be out on the road so we headed out to pioneers park for some hill sprints. Now of course my legs were still pretty sore and were a bit better after I loosened up a bit but still hurt pretty bad but did that stop me. Of course not. I was sprinting up every hill and charging and leading out on the descents and flat sections. When I got home and got off the bike I almost fell over. My legs have never felt this way before. I spent the day working at the shop hobbling around everytime I moved and looked like I was a 110 years old going up and down the steps and ramp into the service side of the shop.

Am I going out to ride tomorrow. What do you think?


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