Monday, November 2, 2009

Demo Bike & Update

It looks like I might get the chance to Demo a Felt B2. We are getting it in at the shop and I've had the inkling for a TT bike someday.

Other than that I've been just getting my assed kicked while I'm getting used to being back into the whole school thing. It's been really stressing me out. The program I'm in is really demanding so life will be tough for 6 weeks at a time than I get 2 weeks off than onto another 6 weeks and that pattern will keep repeating itself for 2 years. I've never written so many papers in a weeks time as I have this week.

I did get a nice halloween 50+ miles though. I took off early and headed down to Nebraska City so that we could celebrate Alexis' birthday with the families and then take them trick or treating. I actually had a lot of fun taking the kids out this year. Maybe it was casue I had the nice ride to clear my head so that I could relax.

I was able to get back on the trainer tonight (oh how I hate it). Trying to get myself tuned up for the state chamionship cross races in a few weeks that are in my backyard at pioneers park. I want the state chamionship. I haven't decided what Cat's I'm going to race or if I'm going to do both cat's like I did last time.

Short post. I got to get back to my schoolwork. later.

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Redbone said...

I can't wait to check out the F3.