Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eating & Drinking in 2010

I'm happy and excited to say that I'm going to continue to eat and drink well in 2010. In the past couple of days I've locked down the first two personal sponsorships of the coming Season.

I've loved Honey Stinger products from the first time I tested them out on a 50 mile road ride. Not only am I addicted to honey anyways but the products are super tasty and stick with me for a while vs a lot of others that I've tried that don't seem to last as long. This will be my 3rd season as a Honey Stinger athlete and I couldn't imagine using anything else.

I'm also really happy to be working with Nuun in 2010. I've been using their products for a couple of seasons and absolutely love them. I like that they are pure hydration and I can control my calories through gels, bars and chews (see above) . I also like that Nuun is easy and fast to use and transport plus the fact that it taste awesome and is refreshing when on the bike for a couple hours in the middle of the summer.

I'm sure that I'll be talking about these products a lot throughout the season. If you need something from them they are available from their websites (links on the sidebar) or if you're local come see me at Bike Pedalers and I can hook you up with this top notch race hydration and fuel.


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