Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dazey the Protector

Last night before we all went to bed we put the dogs out one last time. When I let them in it looked like there were spots on the deck. I turned on the light and looked closer and realized that it was blood spots and turned around to notice a trail through the house. I went and started inspecting the dogs and when I got to Dazey I found the problem. Her jaw was cut wide open and gaping with about a 2 inch cut and it was very deep. She had a gash on her leg and a long cut on the pad of her paw.

I went outside to try to find out what happened and I got out by the fence an drealized there was a hole dug underneath of it with 2 big blood spots next to it. I noticed something in the hole and when I looked more closely I realized it was a hairless tail of something. So I poked at it a bit and nothing happened and then it slowly disappeared. I think it was a possum. It was something that caused the damage to Dazey.

When I got back in Amy and I assesed the wounds and realized that she definitly needed to go to the vet. There is an emergancy vet not far from our house that is open all night and since it was 11:30 it was the best option. I took her in and she had to have stitches in all 3 wounds and they all were thoroughly cleaned plus she got some painkillers and antibiotics. They had to put her out to clean and stitch the wounds so she was a bit grogy last night when I brought her home but seems to be doing fine. She doesn't like the bag we have to put over her paw to keep that wound dry and clean when she goes outside.

Here are a couple of pics I took this morning. They don't look as bad as they did last night when they were open and bleeding.


Bluenoser said...

Protectin' the hood.


Bruce Brown said...

Not fun to be running to the ER Vet for that. Glad she's going to be okay. Are you going to hunt down the critter and snuff it out?

Harp said...

We're going to keep on the lookout. I think she did some damage to it though. Last night when I was looking around I don't think all the blood I saw was hers so she did a bit of damage to it too. I also filled in where it had come under our privacy fence. Hopefully it learned it's lesson.