Monday, March 8, 2010

Riding with Teammates

Yesterday morning I was able to make it outside to ride. Much better than the trainer. I met up first with Rick and then we met up with John and then headed out of town to hit some nice SE Nebraska gravel hill repeats. It was a good workout for me. John was on his cross bike and I was on my mtb which pushed me just a bit more. Unfortunetly we lost Rick along the way since he was rolling on his singlespeed and just couldn't keep up. He just didn't have the right gearing for the hills and it wasn't enough for the flats.

We ended up getting in about 3 hours and I felt great after being really sick during the week. This week I'm still working on base & strength training and focusing on getting my diet straightened out. I'm carrying around to many pounds. I'm ready for monday when I start a 12 week program to get ready for the meat of the mtb season.

Here's a couple of pics:

I'm early and waiting for Rick.
Rick. The ultimate lead out guy and someone who I think is going to have a good season racing singlespeed mtb

Somewhere in this pic is Rick trying to catch up with us when he just couldn't spin fast enough to keep up with us on gears.


Redbone said...

Cross or MTB this weekend?

Harp said...

haven't decided yet. what do you think?