Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Fit

Next Saturday is the first time trial of the season. So it was time to go get me the mountian bike racer fit on the time trial bike I will be racing on this season. This time trial is a team time trial that I will be doing with a couple of other teammates. We'll see how this goes. It is a 11 mile circut. Last season I did this with 2 other teammates but we were all new to it and finished second to last. We are going to start practicing Tuesday. Hopefully this year we will do better. At least 2 of us will be on Felt Time Trial bikes. Sean on his DA and me on the B2.

This is the Felt B2 that I will be racing all season. It is a demo for the shop but mine for all the TTs. I tested it out late last year. This bike is a speed machine. I needed to get this fit done so that I was at least comfortable on it so that I could stay in the aero position longer. It was pretty busy so Sean tucked me into the back corner of the shop today and did the fit with me.

This is a side shot of me after we had the sizing all done. We will work more later in the season to work on possible getting my back a bit straightor but it doesn't look to bad and is at least comfortable for now. I'm looking forward to getting out and hammering on it now that I can stay in the drops for a while.


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