Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Race so 50 instead

My race was canceled today cause of the rains during the week so I decided to get up and head out early for a 50 miler with Ryan. We met up a few miles from the house and then rolled for about 4 hours on the gravel outside of Lincoln. Good ride and nice to be able to get out for a long ride and be able to be home by 10. Spent the rest of the day getting stuff done around the house and watching Braeden's soccer game.

Since I didn't race this weekend though I'm thinking about doing a 12 hour race that's close to home. The only real challenge with it is is that it is running from 6pm to 6am so I would need to find a light set-up. If I can get something together this week I'll probably race it. Not sure how my XC legs will handle racing that long.

Here's some pics from todays ride and the route recorded by the Garmin 500.
Ryan and I rolling in the Gravel. It looked nice and sunny but the temp never got above 45 on this fine NE May morning. It was 34 when I left the house.
The dusty Garmin Edge 500 rolling down the gravel at 22 mph.


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Judi said...

you are loving that garmin!