Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Changes

Wow. This is my first non race report post since June 6th. It's nice to be caught up a bit. In the last couple of months I've had kind of an epiphany as far as my cycling goes. I think that a big part of my problem this season is that I have been very busy with school and work and than trying to race every race it kind of took a toll on me. I need to make some changes. After talking it over with my logical thinking and smarter than me wife I figured out really what the problem was. I was not enjoying half of the races that I was doing. I wasn't enjoying racing my road bike anymore. The only time I really enjoyed racing was when I raced my mountain bike. So the logical train of thought is that I just won't race my road bike very often anymore. Plus it was getting expensive and I had to skip some mtb races that I wanted to do and if I hadn't spent the money on the road races I would have had it to fund the ones that I would have enjoyed.

I will still race a few road races but only those that my team puts on where I have to be there anyways and since my team is putting it on it's free so why not. For now I'm also going to stop doing time trials as well. The Felt B2 demo that I used last season is now for sale and I'm not going to spend the money on buying a TT bike.

I've also decided to sell my road bike. In my new plan of all my focus going towards mountain biking I've had some issues were I need a full suspension bike. So I'm going to sell my road bike and some other things to finance a another mountain bike. It will be a huge benefit to be able to chose the bike that will be the best option for the course that I'm racing. Some of the courses are best suited for a hardtail and some are best suited a full suspension.

This may seem a little strange but I will just race a demo from the shop next year or I'll put road wheels and tires on my cross bike and use it. For the few road races and training that I need a road bike for the cross bike will work fine. I've already gone out and given it a try with some of the team guys and it works fine. I do plan on getting a new road bike eventually but for now I'm looking at the priorities and the priority is getting myself the equipment that I will need for next season.

The new full suspension mountain bike I will most likely be riding next week will be the new 2011 Marin Rift Zone. It is their new XC specific racing short travel full suspension. They released it yet but I've gotten the info through the shop. Here's a pic:

Really looking forward to racing this thing. Later.



Redbone said...

Hopefully when we're driving to the bone bender race next year that bike and a Jet 9 will be on top of your car.

RD said...

road racing is well... boring.. train on the road race on dirt