Wednesday, September 15, 2010

29er. Maybe Someday

As I've thought about bikes and the different courses that I race on and I've thought that a few of them a hardtail 29er would be perfect for. Those of you that know me well might be suprised by this since I'm one of the few that can see the benefits of 26 inch wheels ut there are some courses were 29ers are advantages. Like the Branched Oak course that I raced on this past weekend. On the wide open prairie section were it is bumpy a 29er with lower tire pressure would hammer across it. If I ever do get one this bike just might have to be the one. Here's a picture and a video.

Someday maybe someday. Is still need to get the 2011 Rift Zone 26 inch Full Suspension first. And then maybe a road bike. But you never know.

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Judi said...

you are bike crazy. 9'er SS.