Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cross Practice Video

Here's a couple of quick videos taken at Cross practice last week. The first one was taken going over the barriers (which I still need to improve on) at the begining of the race. The second one is at the beginning of the final lap when I'm chasing down the 4th place rider in front of me after struggling most of the race. My problem with the cross training races is that I've been fast at the beginning and then in the middle I fall apart and drag myself around the course and then on the last couple of laps I pull myself back together and then start to reel people back in. There is a third one that shows me in the middle of the race shaking my head not thinking I'm going to make it but I'm not going to show that one. It is not pretty.


Judi said...

i think i could pass you on the barriers dude. (you gotta get closer to them before you hop off). :0)

Harp said...

I know I know. Barriers are my weakness. I fell over them hard once and have been a bit gun shy since. Maybe one of these days I'll get my guts back and Yes, I'm sure you would pass me over the barriers. Everyone else does.

Judi said...

your a mountain biker, bunny hop those fuckers!