Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back at It

Finally had some time to get out and ride today. Left later than I would have liked. Had a bit to much free bad beer last night at the sister-in-laws wedding reception. I think while I was out the beer was still seeping out of me. Cool ride tonight though got some good miles in. About 1/2 way through I ran into Grant and Brian from the shop and chatted with them a bit.

One thing that happened today that just drives me nuts is the people you run into sometimes out in the park that when they see you roll up in full cycling kit that they feel they need to race with you. Like today I came up behind a guy in a tight section of the track and when he turned a saw me he said nice outfit and instead of letting me pass he tried to take off. I was a little agitated and wanted to get back to my post hangover decent pace. I quickly caught back up to the guy who then about wrecked( not wearing a helmet of course cause you know that helmets are dumb and brain damage is the in thing) so I slowed cause I knew a creek crossing was coming and passed him there. By this time I am pissed and leave him far behind me wondering if he did wreck and give himself brain damage in the more technical crossing that was shortly after the first one.

Gotta go I have a friend coming over from KC so I know he is going to want to drink some of our favorite local beer.

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