Sunday, September 16, 2007


This weekend has been both good and bad for me. Yesterday I met up with Ross and Mike for an early morning spin through Wilderness Park. It was a bit chilly at the start but by the end the temp was nice. It's always nice to have some good people to ride with from time to time. We talked about how funny it is that when you have to get up early in the morning for work that sometimes its hard to get outta bed but on the days when you have to meet a couple people to go out and ride your bike its pretty easy to get up. The park was in great shape and we had a great 3 hour ride. I took them to some parts of the park that they had never been to before and I think we all had a pretty good time.

Now for the bad. Today I get up and I let the other family out (see pick below) and notice that the temp is nice and the ride should be good. My stomach was having some weird cramping but I figured it wasn't anything a good ride wouldn't take care of. The stomach did not get better which is no surprise since I have not been watching my diet very well lately ( when I get busy at work I tend to eat very poorly. Very busy lately). When I get down to the garage my front tire sis flat which I think no problem quick change and I'm off. So as I get into Wilderness I feel a little bit better and start to get some good speed. Right after I get through the first two creek bed crossing (one of my favorite parts) I go around a corner and notice front tire is a little flat. Pull out my CO2 pump and air it up figuring I just didn't get enough air in it earlier. Go about 20 feet and even flatter this time. Pull out my other tube put it in and get ready to fill it up and no air in CO2 cartridge and of course I don't have another one. I start to walk hoping to run into someone smarter than me that has a CO2 or a pump. Luckily I don't go to far and run into a couple of guys with a pump and air up my tire and head home since I don't have any CO2 or any more tubes in case I get another flat which has been happening a lot lately.

When I get home I realize I need to have my bike tuned up and since I don't know that much about bike maintenance I took it into the shop and am having it done there. My rear derailleur hasn't been working right anyway so it will be good to have them take a look at it and see if there is any other reason I keep getting front flats. So I spent the rest of my morning wishing I was riding in the mid 80's but am cleaning the garage and patching tubes since I have so many lately because of all the flats.

Know I have to sit without riding until I get my bike back. So I will probably be posting soon to bitch about not having a second bike to ride when mine is in the shop.



The other family in my house. The Yellow Labrador family. The father(Marshall) is up front, the mother(Dazey) behind him and the son(Tobey) in sitting in the back

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