Monday, September 17, 2007

Surprise Ride ??

To my surprise I got a call from the bike shop today and they said that my bike was all tuned up and ready to go. This was about 4 pm and all day I had not been planning on riding. I never really thought that my daily ride was a mental thing but after today I am having second thoughts.

Since my bike was already in the car I drove over to Wilderness Park and set out for what I thought would be a good bonus ride. Got into the single track and something didn't feel right. After a little while I realized that my tires had more pressure than what I was used to. We'll I've never claimed to be smart so I did not stop and let a little pressure out I just bounced off of every little rock and root that I came accross and just got my ass kicked.

I took a different route through the park than I usually do so that I could hit all of the more technical sections all on one quick trip. We'll I ended up going through a part the opposite way I usually do and took a wrong turn and ended up in a rarely used part of the park (which concerns me after what I read last week in the paper) so I had to back track and got a good pace going again and thought that the rest of the ride would be good. It was until I hit a jump and landed wrong sending me into the brush and off my bike. No big problem but enough to shake me up a little and then as I started to ride again I couldn't get my right foot clipped in and realized I had a large stick jammed into it and I couldn't get it out.

So I finished my ride a little slower than I would have liked and then headed home to spend the rest of the night with the family. I guess looking back at it a ok ride is better than no ride at all considering it is supposed to rain the next couple of days.



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