Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monday is a new day

I don't know what my problem has been this week but a whole works worth of riding and I only had one good day. That was Thursday and it was a short ride. Today I had the worst wipe out I've had all season. Today I remembered why we were helmets. I was having a good ride on this perfect day for riding when I hit a slight curve in the track and bang I was off my bike and doing a superman through the air and taking a hard hit to the ground on my head and shoulder. I have never hit the ground so hard on a wipe out before and when my head hit everything just went black for a second. I stood up and my helmet was practically turned sidways. The visor was hanging off and the whole back section had come loose. I checked on my bike and it was good so I walked (about 10 feet) back to the turn and found what caused the wreck. Gotta love fall; leaves had fallen over some sticks that were laying on the trail that I couldn't see and I must have slipped when I hit them. After I found everything (a water bottle was about 10 feet in the brush) I got back on the bike and noticed my left thumb was sore. When I tried to grip the handle I couldn't hold it tight and it started to hurt and I could feel it swelling against the contour of the ergon grip. Damn I was having a good ride and when I couldn't hold onto the handle or shift up to my big ring with my thumb I decided to call it a day instead of wrecking again because I couldn't grip.
This has been a bad week of riding. I have never hit the ground as muchbefore as I have this week. I mean come on I can't beleive it is so bad right now. Hopefully it just comes in spurts and I can start tommorow off right and get a good ride in. The hand and shoulder are sore now I'll just have to wait and see in the morning. I hope they are ready to go I don't have to go to work until Friday so I was planning on getting some good riding in before I hopefully do my last race of the season on Oct. 7th.
To top the day off I took my peddle in which I bent the bracket on(see below) on Monday and to my surprise no one at the bike shop had ever seen that happen before. They just asked how I did that. They tried to bend it back hopefully it works it has been causeing me some problems getting clipped in.

Well I'm going to go lick my wounds and have a cold one.

I'm done whining know I'm sorry

My bent bracket or whatever it's called(sorry bike part knowledge is still limited I'm learning)

Where I had my nice shoulder slide

The mud on the helmet is where I bounced my head off the ground. I cleaned most of the mud off when I was putting the visor back on.



VeloCC said...

You should check your helmet for possible cracks!! All companies have a replacement policy for that, because once you hit the ground like that, it isn't safe anymore...
Hope your heeling fast.
They say, you start to crash more, when you are riding faster...
(gotta get that bike under control though:) )

Harp said...

Thanks for the advice