Monday, September 24, 2007

The way I like to start a Week

Finally. Since I'm on my end of term break from the college it is nice to start a week with extra time to ride with a good one. After last week and yesterdays accident it was nice to go out with extra time and rip through Wilderness. My hand and shoulder are a bit sore but after a little time out I always forget about my ailments. At first I was a little timid around the turns but after I got through about a 1/4 of the park I started to run at my normal pace if not better. The legs felt good and the weather was perfect. I was afraid is was going to rain at first but the cycling god to pity on me and cleared everything up and it was just a beautiful fall morning to ride.

Gonna spend the rest of the day with my kids who are also off of school and my lovely wife and enjoy the last few days of my twentys. I turn thirty on Thursday.

Check out my awesome bruises on my hand from yesterdays wipe out.


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