Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Squirrels: Trail Cleaners

Not much to talk about. Not much riding lately due to rain and other things that keep coming up that keep me away. Its funny how I get a week away from the college and my consulting clients start calling and need help with this or that.
As I've been out riding I've noticed the new obstacles on the trails and that is the fallen walnuts. I took a spill on saturday around a turn because of some and have slipped on some others here and there. They are a pain as velocc can tell ya. Ross saw on saturday and I've seen it a couple times since that the noble squirel is helping to clear the trails of these damned walnuts just waiting to try to knock us off our bikes. So I say thank you squirels for helping us out. I no longer think of you as just a mere tree rodent but a friend to cyclist everywhere.
OK that is kind of stupid it is my attempt at humor. And I'm not that funny. Gotta go. I have to go see one of my clients today and try to enjoy my last day of my twenties.


shadetreewrench said...

squirrels are good for a few things i suppose. i'm going to have to work saturday morning, so i can't make it on a ride. one of the guys at monkeywrench told me to check out wagontrain out east of town. the 2-9 is getting disc brakes, so i'm going to have to break those puppies in soon ;) ross

VeloCC said...

I like squirrels, unless that try to bury those #%^&*"!! walnuts in my flower pots and beds....