Saturday, September 29, 2007

Racin Next Sunday

Finally decided to do the race outside Manhattan Kansas on Sunday. It is the last race in the Midwest Fat Tire Series. I haven't been giving it much thought lately and kinda thought that I was done racing until next year. While I was out on my ride this morning I thought about this race and decided to make a go of it. i think that it will be a way to finish up my season.

Notmuch else going on. Went for a nice solo ride this morning in Wilderness. It was great to get back into the park. I just get kinda bored riding on the rail trails. Sometimes its nice just spinning while listening to my mp3 player but I would always rather play in the dirt.

I've been working on my diet lately and am going to try to carb load this week and see if I can notice any difference in my performance at the race this weekend.

Gotta go and check to see if anybody has put anything on line from interbike so that I can start to dream about all of the things that I can't have.

Anybody local interested in going to this I would be happy to have someone to ride down with and split the cost of travel if they have a way to get two bikes down. I can only carry one bike in my car. I plan to leave early in the AM and return that same day.

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