Thursday, October 11, 2007

1 speed

Nothing much to say. Day number 2 with no ride. Hoping to get a little time in wilderness tomorrow if it is dry enough. And then some good in town miles and trail time on Saturday am.

I've been thinking about getting a road bike for a while. I had some people tell me that they were good for training purposes. The other day I was reading fatcyclists blog and he was talking about a single speed road bike. I think this sounds kind of cool and am thinking about talking to the guys at BP and see if they can hook me up with one for a good price. We'll have to see if I can talk the wife into this next season. And then a new MT bike for the following season.

By the way I've been talking with Grant at Bike Pedalers about possibly putting together a team to do some enduro events next season. Anybody that uses the shop often and is interested let me know(if anyone reads this because I have no idea because I can't get my hit counter to work).



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