Sunday, October 21, 2007

Damn Busy with Bonus Saddle Time

Haven't had time to post in the past few days been busy with to many things.

I was fortunate enough to get a little bonus saddle time on Friday. I thought that I was going to have to work a consulting gig but it got cancelled and I was able to head out for a quick hour ride on the rail trails. That's the only kinda trail riding I'll be doing since it never seems to stop raining here.

Had a great ride on saturday morning. I headed out nice and early on the rail trails again and shortly into my ride came up on a guy on a cross bike. I went past him to have him catch up with me and get on my wheel. This was awesome. I ride better when I have someone on my wheel or am chasing someone especially someone on a lighter faster bike. It really pushed me to keep cranking it at a good pace and not stop or slow down. We ended up going about 15 miles before I realized where we were and decided I better turn around and head back home. Never caught his name but had a better ride and felt better because of it.

No ride today. Had to run a fundraising dinner for a chefs association that I am president of. Good times cooking with some different chefs from around time. The free donated left over wine is good at the end also.

This week of riding is going to be slim. Lots of consulting work this week along with my ass kicking class load at the college. Hope to get out as much as I can this week. After this week the consulting work slows down some and I can get started on my winter training program.

BTW. It's getting cold and I was thinking of getting some leg and arm warmers anyone got some suggestions on what to look for.



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