Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Finally, Wilderness is dry. It is so stupid but it has been the highlight of my week so far(I know I'm kinda pathetic). I only had enough light left for a quick 2 miles in the park but it was a good start for not having been able to hit any dirt for a week and a half and the last time I was in it I got caught in a downpour. Theres still a few muddy sections but for the most part nice and dry.

When I left today I knew I only had about 45 minutes. I've got to get some lights so that I can stay out longer. The day is just to short and I am to busy at the college to have much time when I leave for any substantial riding. I am worried about losing the little bit of form that I gained this year. I hope to also be getting a trainer so that I can get more spin time in doors when its dark and I'm to big of a wimp to ride in the cold.

No riding for me for the next few days. Working all day tomorow and friday I got to get ready for a promo event that I'm doing for the seafood shop that I also work for. Hopefully this little 20% chance of rain doesn't happen and I can get some real time in the park.


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VeloCC said...

You ARE!!
You should definitely get some lights. Riding at night is so much fun!!!!!