Friday, October 26, 2007

Day is Done: Almost

I spent the day today bored for part of it and then running the second half. I had a faculty workshop all day at the college. I don't know who thinks that this is a good idea but I would rather teach my classes (isn't that why we're there anyway) and get little work done in my office then to sit and listen to a new education technique that I already read about.

I left from the college and then ran down to Midwest Seafood the seafood retail/wholesaler I also work for to set up for a promo event that I am doing in the morning. Anyone in Lincoln who wants to try some killer fresh seafood stop by 48th and highway 2 and check out my stuff.

I did manage to sneak in a 1 hour ride through wilderness. Man its good to get back into the park again after having to sit through all the rain and mud.

After getting home form my ride I headed out to the market to get the supplies I needed for the event in the morning and then spent another 2 hours prepping all of the sauces and accompaniments for the fish.

As I'm writing this I am still thinking about what I need to get ready so I'll catch ya later.

Hope to hit the park again in the afternoon with Ross when all of my work is finally done for the week. It should be a good time.



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