Sunday, October 28, 2007


Today was my first time heading out for a ride when it was actually cold. I got up around 7 had a cup of coffee and headed out onto the deck to check the temps. 1st thing I noticed is that the leaves are falling and not as much cover so I should dress more appropriately when I am on the deck in the mornings. 2nd thing is that it was damn cold. I think it was around 30 degrees. This might not to bad for some people but I spend most of my time in hot kitchens and am not used to the cold. As I got dressed I did put on a long sleeve shirt over my jersey and tights under my shorts (had to dig those out from my football days) and thought that I'd be good. As I rode to meet up with Ross and Mike I felt frozen and started to think about all of the cold weather gear that I needed. The things that I think I need most are gloves and shoe covers.

It was nice to head out and hit the park for some real riding with friends. There is something that I did like about this early morning, cold temp riding. I'm not sure maybe its just feels good to know that I'm out hitting the park in the frosty grass covered trail and regular people are just in their warm beds still sleeping.

Good ride today. I couldn't even count how many deer we saw. It seemed that every five minutes we saw two or three at a time. We seemed to be moving along at a pretty good pace too. Ross did learn a lesson that I already had the pleasure of learning which is being stuck with a flat and no tube. Right after our 1/2 way turn around point Ross blew a flat. He had no tube and I couldn't offer one because I ride with 26 inch tires and he rolls with 29ers. Even if we had a tube it didn't matter because Ross is a pure rider and runs a single speed with bolt on tires and no wrench. We had to walk a bit to get to a point were he could call for a ride. I had the same thing happen to me but it was during my first race and I had no tube or pump. After I left them I headed home to get ready to leave and go celebrate my daughters birthday with me and my wives families. I ate way to much food and drank more beer than I should have even though I'm having another as I type this.

Well need to go get ready to start another week of running my ass off at the jobs and hope to get some rides in.



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