Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Not enough time to ride this week. Monday was the last day I have ridden and that was only for one hour. I am freaking out that I will not be in good form to race on Sunday. Tomorow is my wifes b-day and I can only hope to get a small ride in and I have to work friday night and will be able to make it out on Sat AM. So I race on Sunday and I will only be able to get out on my bike 3 days this weeks and non of those days will be for very long. What can I do? Gotta work right. By the way the carb loading diet is making me feel stuffed. I think its because I haven't had the training time to go along with it. Well I gotta run busy day tomorow at the college and I've got to get the wifes b-day present. I think she will like it.


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