Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I stopped by bike pedalers today to trade in a pair of shorts and was talking to the guys and they gave me a copy of the new Marin 08 catalog. After seeing that catalog and looking at the pictures of the virtual booth on mtbr.com I am a tortured soul. I really had decided that I don't need a new bike for next season and that I can get one for the 09 season but know I sit and look at all of this stuff and it kills me. I WANT A NEW BIKE. The bolinas ridge that I have is a great bike and I love it and am somewhat emotionally attached to it since it was the first real bike that I've had since I really got into mountain biking but it needs some work and is not the best suited bike for seriuos racing. I had decided though to do the few upgrades that I need to and ride it for next years season so that I can use my extra cash to get the gear that I still need. I pretty much need everything still for next season like a light set-up for the overnight enduro races a pack, new helmet, new gloves etc etc.

I started my carb loading diet today and I hope it works but I am having a hard time though eating that much food that the plan I set up has in it. I'll just have to see how it works.

I am off to get some of my work done for the college so that I don't get any farther behind than I already am. Here's some pics of Marins new bikes:

The Alpine Trail 29er. Love the color one of the ones I'm looking at

The Team TI. If I was going to get another 26" tired bike this would be it.


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