Monday, October 1, 2007

Race Week Diet

Just went out for a quick spin today through wilderness park. Glad I got out there today looks like its supposed to rain tommorow and that means no singletrack until at least thursday. The park just seemed to be buzzing tonight. I saw more people in the park tonight than I have in a long time. I finally saw somebody on one of the horse trails. As much as I'm in the park I have never seen a person on a horse. For a while I was starting to think that the horses just came in crapped at the top of a climb where you can't see it and then just leave real quick (trying not to rant about that; saving that one for another post). I still can't beleive how many people ride bikes in that park without helmets on. After my wreck last week I start to wonder about all of the head injuries that are possible when they are riding through helmetless. One guy coming off a bridge wiped out where it is a little sandy when he saw me.

Anyways spending some time tonight working on my carb loading diet for this race week. Very typical of me to procrastinate until the last race to begin to think about my diet but I think if I follow this it should work out. Made a trip to the store and picked up the stuff that I need. I'm taking my plan into work tomorrow and letting the dietitian's that I work with to see if they think that it is adequate. I think that one thing that I can work on is a good race and off season diet that gives me what I need nutritionally and still taste really great and is very exciting to cook and eat. Anybody that has good race week diet tips let me know I'm always down for suggestions.

Not much else to say gotta go make lunch and get some other work done for tomorrow.


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