Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Pain Feels so Good

I have had a lot of time to think this week since all it seems to do in Nebraska lately is rain. I have been thinking about the few races that I did and what my real weaknesses are. It was easy to think of my biggest weakness and that's fitness. I feel that I am a decent technical rider. I don't have problems with any obstacles or any technical sections of the courses that I've ridden. Maybe I need to ride some harder ones and then see how I feel. But really what hurt me in the races was my fitness; especially my breathing. It seemed that I would need to slow down to breath when I still had plenty of energy in my legs. So my new plan for winter training is to work on fitness.

I was in pioneers park one day with my daughter and saw a lot of roadies training in it. I thought of this when I was thinking about fitness training and thought if its good for them it should be a good place for me to work on my wind. This is a park with some hills in it so the climbing is good but the biggest advantage to it is that it makes me work in continuous pedaling where I am used to trail riding where the pedaling isn't as constant. So what I have been doing is just going out to the park and riding laps focusing on constantly turning over the cranks and watching my breathing to try to build my wind. This is a new kind of riding for me and I hope its working because I am really feeling it in my ribs and on my back. I think it is just from breathing so hard. I hope this works. I think that it can really make a difference for next race season that I really can't wait to get here.



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