Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to work tomorrow

It has been nice having the past 4 days off and being able to get some ride time in. I have enjoyed my mid-day rides but what can I do, gotta get paid. Went out for another tour through wilderness park today. I was surprised at how much snow melted since yesterday. But the trail was dry and I had a good fast ride. As of tomorrow though I'm going to try to get into a better routine on training. It has been kinda sporatic and I need to get it more structured so I can get more out of it. Still workin on gettin a trainer. That is a must but I think it's going to be my christmas gift so I'll just have to wait a little longer. Other than that I ain't got nothing else. I hope everyone had a good holiday break.
No more Snow.


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VeloCC said...

I train with a trainer and love it. He lives in Lincoln. Signing up with him was the best thing I did last year for myself!
If you are interested, there is a link on my blog to his website Rightway Performance. His name is Marc Walter.