Monday, November 19, 2007


This morning I took my final weight for the "get a grip" fatcyclist one week weight loss challenge. I finished with a weight of 179 lbs. For a total wight loss of 7 lbs for the week and its only 9 lbs above the top part of my weight goal for the 08 season.

Today was an amazing day to ride. The weather was perfect especially for mid november. I also acheived one of my goals for the summer. I have been trying all summer to make my regular loop in wilderness park in under 1 hour. I did it today in 59 minutes 56 seconds. Barely but I'll take it for the last warm ride of the summer. It felt great and I had good flow through the single track. A good way to end the warm weather riding.




I'm also glad the weight loss challenge is over so know I don't have to look at pictures any more pictures of my feet.

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VeloCC said...

Good job on loosing all that weight!!