Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nice Weekend

The weather was beautiful this weekend here is southeast NE. It was nice to get out and do a lot of my favorite early morning riding. I was surprised how few riders I saw out in wilderness park this weekend. Just a few. Maybe it's the time that I ride.

I had a chance on both saturday and sunday to check out the state championship cross bike races this weekend in pioneers park. I wasn't sure what to think of cross racing before because I never had ever seen a race. It looked challenging but fun. The guys a bike pedalers have said I need to get a cross bike and maybe after I get a new mtb I will think about it. It would be kinda nice to still be racing.

I think tomorrow is going to be the last chance to get out and hit the park while the weather is still somewhat warm. I just watched the news and they said that its possible for some flurries(#@%&) tuesday and wednesday. I'm going to try to sneak out of work early to go.

The "get a grip" fatcyclist one week weight loss challenge is over for me in about 8 hrs. It hasn't been to bad and I have started to see where some of my diet problems are. I'm to much of a snacker and usually when I snack it isn't the best choices. The challenge has helped me see some of my problems and I did loose at this point 6 lbs(hopefully more by morning) and has gotten me off to a start to try to hit my race season goal of 165-170 lbs. For my 5 ft 10.5 inch frame that should be good.



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